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WHO ARE WE? Ever wonder to think about this? Whenever it comes about our identity we just produce our documents which tell about our identity. But, deep down the line, looking back thousands of years from now, the questions remain the same. Who are we? Many theories have been put forth to explain this (well,Read more


  Many people often ask me ‘what is Pranic Healing?’ and how exactly you heal? Well, my answer is simple, I heal the Aura! Now, the interesting part. ‘what is aura?’ according to me, aura is ‘surrounding body’ in invisible form present in all living beings. (flora and fauna) If it is in invisible form howRead more

Planning a trip to Hyderabad? Here is your basic guide!

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Capital of Telangana, India. Is probably one of the cities rich in Architecture. When I got the shooting schedule to Hyderabad, around 5/6 years back, for couple of months, I was super excited about it. (well, that’s going to be my first time to visit this city) Unfortunately, due to schedule, I hardly got any timeRead more